Siding Service: Ways to Maintain Your Siding

Don’t Neglect Your Siding!

If the owner wants to keep the home’s excellent curb appeal, the siding on the exterior must be maintained. Beautiful, reliable, and long-lasting construction is required. The siding’s performance could be altered with the least amount of thought and work. With the help of a reliable siding service, follow these important suggestions for keeping your siding pristine:

Inspect Carefully

Although the wood looks good, it can be challenging to maintain. Annoying insects, the climate, and normal wear and tear all have the potential to harm wood. As a result, it is crucial to inspect and treat wood every six months, especially if you see any rot symptoms. Vinyl won’t deteriorate, so there’s no need to be concerned. But you need to look for any openings or omissions that can let moisture collect underneath the surface. Contrary to popular opinion, fiber cement siding does require maintenance.

Paint and Seal Often

Stain your wood siding every three years or use a clear sealant for optimal results. The sealers should be used at least twice every two years to protect the wood’s original color and stop moisture damage. You may retain the color on your vinyl by painting it with quality outdoor latex paint. Painting can often be postponed for another 10 to 20 years since fiber cement preserves paint so effectively.

Wash Regularly

Dirt and mold might be harmful to you. With a soft-bristled brush and warm, soapy water, remove debris from the surface. To get rid of the mildew, you’ll need a strong remedy. Utilize one part bleach to four parts water as an alternative to soap. At least once every year, wood siding should be cleaned. Vinyl siding should be cleaned with a garden hose under moderate pressure once a year. Other siding types don’t hold up to pressure washers as well as fiber cement siding does.

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